Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bond With Your Child

Spending one on one time with each of your children is vital to building a strong, loving, lasting bond. And doing so will enable you to make a deposit in the memory banks of your child forever.

It doesn't have to be a big trip or a weekend away with your child for it to have special meaning to them. A few hours a week with each child, doing something of special interest to them, is all it takes to build better parent/child relationships.

It may be difficult, at first, for your child to decide on something for the two of you to do together. Here are some suggestions you could make:

* Visit a museum that neither of you have been to before. Check to see if there is a special exhibit coming up that might hold a special interest for your child.

* Take a train or bus ride just for the pleasure of sightseeing. Get off and explore if one of you sees something interesting along the way.

* Have a mother/daughter spa day. Girls like to be girls. Have a side by side manicure and pedicure.

* Pick an activity your child doesn't know about, like golf, hiking or fishing, and teach your child the basics of it.

* Experience something new to you both. Local continuing education classes through community education or school systems are a good place to look for these.

* Watch a great movie together and discuss it afterwards. Go to one of the remaining drive-in theaters for a special treat for your child. You can pack your snacks and take lawn chairs to sit outside and watch the movie.

There is no stronger way to build confidence in your children than to show them that they are loved. Spending time with them is a way to let them know that you enjoy their company and you think they are interesting to be around.

your family grow up and be there for them

All too often, work and career and the pursuit of achievement can impact the things that really matter in life, your family, your friends and the pursuit of the things that can really have a profound impact on your life. Are you paying attention to this. How many people will say on their deathbeds "I wish I spent more time in the office"

Your family become removed and remote as you spend less and less time with them. But if anyone asks you why you do what you do, the answer is the same - "I am making these sacrifices for the people I love - They just don't realize it" Is that really the case? Is this what life is all about? Are you really fulfilled? How long more do you plan to do this? Is this just conforming to a standard whereby you will give the best years of your life to your career for a faceless corporation?

Recently, I quizzed a person about his values in the highest order. He promptly told me that his top three values were Family, Health and Success in that order. He told me that he worked on average 80 hours per week and he did that because he wanted to provide for his family.

Imagine his surprise when someone nearby announced that his family hardly knew him. Who then was he working for? What was his real motivation? At what point was he going to do something for himself? His children wanted him to spend time with them and not substitute time with material things that they had no value in?

This was a real "aha" moment for him. He began to question his true motivations and look at why he did what he did.

After much deliberation he announced that he was merely living his life as other people expected him to lead it and did not actually question it himself. Until Now.

Over the following 2 months, this person began to assess his true motivations. He wanted to spend time with his family. He wanted to travel and he wanted to pursue other interests while he still could. But to do this he needed money. and he could see no other way than working his corporate job for long hours every day.

He really needed to think outside the box and this new awareness had really caused him some anxious moments. He became determined to make a change and began to look around for answers.

He started to look on line and was blown away by the multitude of business opportunites that existed online. He began to do some research. He began a 3 month long education process on what opportunities really exists for someone of his skills. All the time he told himself "a business working from home can make me a very good income and I will be able to spend more time with my family - I can be there for them and be part of their lives"

Within 2 months he had found an online business in a niche that he was interested in, one that he understood and one in which he felt there was a growing market place.

He sought out people who had already achieved what he sought. He consulted with them and learned from them. He spoke to people in similar business. He worked on mindset. he drew out his dream chart which did not feature him in a cubicle for 10 hours per day.

After 2 further months he had his online business up and running and was generating leads and generating business. " months later he handed in his letter of resignation to his boss.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friendship & Love

Friend, Friendship, Best Friend, Love this is important way in life.